State Emporia at Connaught Place


A minute and a half from Connaught Place is Baba Khaak Singh Marg – a road whose claim to fame is the number of state-emporia that line it. The ‘emporia’ are state government-run boutiques – one for each state of India – selling the traditional offerings of the state. Furnishings are linen are common to all – but of course, there are specialities of the state. So you can get tie-and-dye fabrics at the Rajasthan emporium, sandalwood objects at the Tamil Nadu emporium, kanth silk at the Wet Bengal emporium and so on. Good prices and good quality.


State Emporia Complex is on Baba Kharak Singh Marg near Cannaught Place area. Its series of State-Emporia lined up one after another and they are representing various states of India. Shivaji Stadium is nearby Metro Station of this complex. Also New Delhi station is not too far from this complex. This complex is closed on Sundays.

Here each and every emporium has its own name, which signifies respective States with its aura and impression. Here you will find some aesthetic appeal from mystifying and mesmerizing collection ethnic products and art works. Each emporium also promotes tourism on behalf its respective state states indirectly.

Some states have its independent showroom & outlet.

State Name of Emporium Items Available
West Bengal Manjusha Silk & Cotton Sarees, Darjeeling Tea, Brass items
Bihar Amrapali Madhubani paintings & gems
Tripura Purbasha Bamboo & Cane made items
Kashmir Zoon Shawls, Carpets etc
Tamil Nadu Poompuhar Bronze made stuffs, Tanjore Arts, Silk
Orissa Utkalika Handicrafts, sculptures etc
Andhra Pradesh Lepakshi Handicrafts
Gujarat Gurjari Printed cottons, miniature paintings & jewellery
Karnataka Cauvery Bronze items, Teracotta arts, Sandal wood crafts
Rajasthan Rajasthali Brassware, Marble ware, paintings
Kerala Kairali Wood & Metal Crafts, Screw pine mats
Madhya Pradesh Mrignayani Crepe Silk, Chanderi Sarees, Handicrafts
Maharastha Trimourti Pottery, Glass & Lac made items, Gems
Assam Pragjyotika Wooden items, Handloom Sarees
Himachal Pradesh Himachal Woolen Products, Shawls, Handlooms
Uttar Pradesh Gangotri Metal & Wood Crafts, Chikankari, Zardozi

On the other hand, there are States like Delhi (Emporia Name – Bharti), Goa ( Emporia Name – Aparant), Meghalaya ( Emporia Name – Purbashree ) etc which have gallery in side Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan situated next to State Emporia Complex. Here also, you will find a good showcasing of handicrafts items, handloom etc.


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