PVR Rivoli in Connaught Place


In old days, Rivoli was one of the oldest and smallest cinema halls in Delhi City. In it’s days, Rivoli was very popular for screening big banner English films. Like PVR Plaza, Rivoli has been overtaken by PVR some time ago. Now it’s known by PVR Rivoli. The look has completely changed and so as the surroundings. PVR Rivoli has luxurious stadium seating, 51-seater premier lounge & new high-tech ticketing services. PVR Rivoli also has a self-operating ATM ticket kiosks which allows you to get your movie tickets (just like you withdraw money from an ATM system) through an ATM provided by the PVR.

PVR Rivoli is part of the famous PVR Cinema that operates a chain of movie theatres. In all PVR Cinema owns 6 luxurious movie theatres in Delhi itself. PVR Rivoli, located in Connaught Place at the heart New Delhi, is ranked among the most preferred movies destination and attracts hundreds of crowds every day.

Rivoli, a 1930s movie hall was renovated and re-opened as PVR Rivoli in 2006, opening another exciting chapter in the history of this decades old theatre. PVR Rivoli, tough still a single screen hall, can accommodate about 300 guests at a time. It is equipped with features like, Dolby digital surround sound system, the state-of-the-art Xenon-based projection technology, edge to edge screens, and comfortable seating etc. helps deliver the ultimate movie experience to the movie goers. This theatre also boast of a luxurious Premiere lounge, facilities to host corporate get together and gathering apart from the movie screen. The snack bar here offers a wide range of snacks and beverages, which are decently priced and can have it delivered to your seats as well. There’s also a huge paid parking area at the rear end of the movie hall.

Rivoli stands tall as one of the rare heritage properties in Delhi. It offers world class services and ambiance, while still retaining the old world charm making a visit to this place an unforgettable experience.

The Rivoli screens both English and Hindi movies. The price of the tickets are charged according to the seats and the show you choose, ranging between Rs. 125 and Rs. 200.The premier seats cost about Rs 200 and gives the best view. It would best to book tickets in advance to avoid the disappointments. Internet booking option is available.

Show starts -10am


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