Janpath Market in Connaught Place


Called the Queen’s Way when it came about in the early 1900s, Janpath is basically a road is that connects Lodi Road with Connaught Place. On this road, the most happening place is Janpath Market which is very famous amongst the budget travelers and local delhi-ites. Over the years Janpath has been a center of attraction for the foreigners in Delhi. Being located in Connaught Place, which is ahot-spot for travelers, Janpath Market is a perfect place for buying the latest and trendy fashion goods. The prices are unbelievable but quality, of course, cannot be guaranteed. The market is so famous in travelers that some day you can even notice more foreigner shopper’s then Indian shoppers.

Traditional Items - Janpath Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Janpath Market is full of energy. Whether you are planning to shop or just to explore around, you will surely have fun. Janpath is crowded, exotic and vibrant; this is what makes Janpath so unique and special for travellers. Janpath Market is located just off Connaught place in central Delhi. Essentially, Janpath, translated “people’s path”, is a main road which connects Connaught place and Lodhi Gardens. But it is more well known for the street market which consist of some hundreds of shops, none of them too big ones, set on the side of the pavements, selling all kinds ofexotic ethnic clothes, shoesjewelleries, Indian artefacts’, carpets and gift items. No trip to Delhi is complete without a visit to Janpath Market . Another advantage of Janpath is, you will find many hotels located within walking distance from here, which allows travellers to visit Janpath anytime they wishes to.

Janpath Market at Connaught Place

Shopping or just strolling around this market is definitely a lot of fun and a welcome break from shopping in those overpriced air conditioned malls and showrooms, where all items on display have fixed prices. One thing to rememberwhile shopping at Janpath Market is to bargain as much as you can.The shop keepers often quote double the actual amount of the product. It depends on your bargaining ability how cheap a bargain you end up with. Though not a very up market place, you’ll get nice trendy items at affordable prices here.

Crokery Items in Janpath - Connaught Place, New Delhi

Janpath also has a special market square selling ‘export surplus’ clothes. Try it out if you have the patience to sift through hundreds of dresses/shirts/skirts/pants/pyjamas and endure the pestering hawkers. There are various types of shops selling different items which make Janpath Market so special. If we start from Connaught place side, there is number of oldest shops in Janpath Market selling the unique traditional Indian items, jewelry, garments, brass sculptures etc. If you go forward you will come across shops with different items including Indian artifacts andCarpets, Rajasthan color paintings, Imitation Jewelry, Furniture, Ethnic dresses, Junk Jewelry. Going inside the road there is lane at right side which is recently developed. Here you can find the bunch of sellers, selling garment products. Some of them even shout loudly and make public announcement about their garment prices. These are basically rejected garments with minor defect. Important thing is that they are dirt cheap. Talking about the clothes, one can find all sorts of daily-wear clothing here, be it T-shirts, Tops, Jeans, Skirts, Jackets, trousers etc.

Bags in Janpath Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi

One of the most important aspect of purchasing any item in Janpath market is not to trust the price that shopkeeper is offering. The rule of the thumb here is to bargain. Often vendors charge more then what the actual price of the product. In some cases they even charge double if the buyer is new one in the city. It depends on your bargaining ability as to how cheap you can purchase a product. The vendors here are very smart. Though not all of them are fluent in English or other foreign languages, but English is not a concern for them because these vendors are accustomed to English language due to foreigners.

Night View of Janpath Market

Further on the road is Tibetti Market which is very old on this road. The items being sold on this market includes items like wall hangings tapestries, old hand work bags, coins, brass idols etc.

In the same market there is popular lane at west end called Janpath Lane. Since majority of items being sold here is ofGujrati stuff and even vendors belong to Gujrati community, this market also known as Gujrati Market. This lane starts with some of the smaller shops selling Gujrati wall hangings, table covers, cushion covers, jewelry items,handicraft textiles, curtains, table covers etc. Going down further on the lane there is another section of shops selling traditional gujrati items including traditional dupattas (scarves), lehengas, cholis and world famoustraditional Indian Saarees with zari work being done.

Shops at Janpath Market, Connaught Place

Other items being sold here include old tribal jewelry, ethnic banzara items and other traditional items which are very famous amongst foreigners. People from different parts of the world can be seen here shop for these ethnic items. Again don’t believe of what the vendor is saying about the price. Think in this way – these are rejected garment or surplus of the export houses. But the defect is so minor that one cannot make any difference between the original produce and a defected one. And at the end, vendor is not paying much but always making a profit. So try to bargain because you don’t want to be cheated.

Traditional Items for sale in Janpath Market Connaught Place

Another must watch thing to look for in Janpath Market is Central Cottage Industries Emporium (CCIE), wheretraditional Indian handicrafts/fabrics/linen are displayed over four floors, neatly divided with very good displays. Good quality, variety, prices and tourist-savvy services categories CCIE.

One of the important art works being sold in Janpath Market is mirror work bags being made in Rajasthan. Thesefancy bags are really worth to purchase and come in different colors and shapes. They are bright and colorful with needle work patterns.

Shopping in Janpath Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi

So, these are some of the things you’ll find in Janpath market:

Ethnic Indian wear: varieties of attires in cotton, silk, etc. that are vibrantly hued, hand embroideredor with mirror works, Daily wear attires: like skirts, jeans, tees etc.

Footwear: Slippers and shoes that are beautifully beaded or with different motifs on them, often made of leather called judis, Mojris, Kohlapuris.

Jewelleries: exquisite silver jewelleries with precious stones, earrings, bracelets, finger rings, toe rings etc.

Home Decor items like Indian Artefacts, carpets, wall hanging, flower vases, show pieces, lamp shades, bed covers, photo frames etc. which are mostly handicraft items.

Some stores also sell things like pashmina shawls, Indian perfumes and cosmetics, incense sticks etc.

Also there are many facilities within walking distance from Janpath Market like Connaught Place Market, Tibetan Market, Palika Bazar, Money Changers, Western Union money transfer etc.One can also drop in for a cup of coffee or snacks into one of the many small cafes and restaurants that dots the place.

So, do visit this one of the most happening market of New Delhi. If you are not interested in buying then at least come here and experience the amazing Indian stuff that you can get here. And yes, keep in mind that Janpath Market remains closed on Sunday.

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