Palika Bazaar (Underground) Market in Connaught Place


Set up in 1978, Palika Bazaar market is located between the inner and outer circle of Connaught place, New Delhi. The whole market is fully air-conditioned and the only underground market in New Delhi. There are 400 shops crowd together under the lush green grassy square in Connaught Place. The Palika Bazaar market is centrally located and with the inception of Delhi Metro, entire Connaught place and this market is seeing rush these days. The shops in Paliks Bazaar selling different range of items be it clothes, leather jackets, garment clothes, books, journals, electronic gadgets, domestic appliance, bags, footwear, CDs, DVDs, nightwear, jeans, trousers, suites. Although one can get every useful item here, but majority of items being sold in Palika Bazaar dominated by electronic items and trendy clothes.

Crowded, colourful and energetic is what describes Palika Bazaar the best. A paradise for bargain hunters, Palika Bazaar is among one of those few places where you can bargain as much as you want and maybe test your bargaining skills. Palika bazaar, the only air-conditioned underground market of Delhi, is situated between the inner circle and outer circle of Connaught Place, New Delhi. This market dates back to the 1970s and there are as many as 390 small shops situated inside its complex. It is an ideal place to go for shopping, especially if you visit the city in summers. This massive market hosts hundreds of shops selling a diverse range of items. Here you’ll find almost anything you can think of, right from footwear to clothing to nightwear to perfumes to accessories to electronic gadgets to DVDs. It also has a reputation for a wide availability of illegal products, fake designer products and pirated CDs, software and movies. Palika Bazaar however attracts many foreign tourists as well as local shoppers and the place is almost always crowded.

Palika Bazaar - Main Gate

What to shop for: Electronic goods like home appliances, gadgets, home audio, digital cameras, video games, mobile phones etc. Cotton garments and apparels for both man and women. Handicraft pashmina shawls and scarves, sportswear, Leather goods like shoes, sandals, bags, purses and belts. Silver and junk jewelleries, antiques and traditional goods, among others. One can find almost everything and anything.

Palika Bazaar is the perfect place to buy souvenirs, curios and small knick knacks to take back home. Besides, the market also has cafes and small eateries where you can enjoy some good snacks while you shop. Here the prices for the products will be pretty reasonable, provided you know how to bargain with the shopkeepers. In fact , you can buy things in almost half the cost demanded or even less than that, depending upon your haggling skills.

Advice for Visitors: A word of caution – When going to this market, it’s advisable to take along somebody who knows about the place or there are chances that you may get lost. Also lookout for shopkeepers who can pester or dupe you into buying something you really don’t want and also for fake stuffs. Vendors can charge you almost 3-4 times of actual price. Haggling is the rule here. In fact, you must bargain about the price because in case if you don’t bargain, it may possible that once buying an item you will get the same item at very less rate on a different shop. Hang tight to your belongings and stay alert at all times. Bargaining hard is a must for everyone. Normally, shopkeepers try their best to get the most out of everyone. The norm is to start your bargain from 50% to what he is asking. It’s not advisable to pay more than 60% of his first offer. This place remains crowded in busy hours. You may not feel comfortable while bargaining with some shop keepers. If you don’t like any item or price tag, turn down the deal politely and move on. Sometimes Police raid this market to capture counterfeit goods and items.

Inside Palika Bazaar

After a day of shopping, you may want to cool off your heels in the lawn of Palika Bazaar. If you looking for a place to grab a snack, there are many cafes and restaurants near Palika Bazaar. All in all, a trip to Palika Bazaar is sure to an unforgettable experience.

Although since Delhi is witnessing the commercial boom and lots of malls and shopping complexes have been opened in different part of the city and Palika bazaar has lost some of its customers due to this competition but still its very famous for low prices of the products and attracts lots of budget travelers. The other side of Palika Bazaar is its bad reputation being gained due to selling of illegal items including Pirated CDs of new released movies, video games, software, mobile phones, stolen goods and also the fake designer clothes. As of late it has been seen that there are un-authorised shopkeepers emerged in Palika Bazaar and they try to harass the customer in case if you check one item, bargain it and then don’t buy it.

Palika Bazaar shopping Complex

Keep in mind that Palika bazaar is closed on Sundays.

There are 7 gates inside the Palika Bazaar market. Here is the description:-

Gate no.1: This is the main gate. It faces Connaught Place Central Park, with F Block on the right and Palika Underground Parking on the left. It has staircase entry.

Gate no. 2: This gate faces Palika Underground Parking. It has ramp entry for the physically challenged.

Rest Space at Palika Bazaar

Gate no. 3: This gate is not in use. It faces Palika Underground Parking and is closed to the public.

Gate no. 4: This gate has spiral staircase entry with two doors, one not in use. Door that is in use faces Parliament Street, Regal Building and Jeevan Bharti building.

Gate no. 5: This gate too has spiral staircase entry with two doors. One of the door faces Janpath, N Block and Jeevan Bharti building, while the other faces towards Palika Underground Parking.

Gate no. 6: This gate has staircase entry and faces N Block and F Block.

Gate no. 7: This gate has ramp entry for the physically challenged and faces F Block.

Beautiful lawn above underground market

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