Tibetan Market in Connaught Place


Tibetan market is Located along the western side of Janpath from the Imperial Hotel to Connaught Place. The Tibetan Market is a series of little shops selling every possible artifact from all over India. If there is a place in Connaught Place where it’s worth bargaining is Tibetan Market (on Janpath).

Tibetan Market in Connaught Place, New Delhi

It is said that you will pick up a better selection of items (from antique locks to silver jewelry) at better prices than you will anywhere in the whole Tibet. Such is the importance of Tibetan Market in Connaught Place.

Art work at Tibetan Market

Tibetan market is an ideal place if you are looking for a antique. There are numerous shops where you can get amazing antique, designers wooden lamps, miniatures , Buddhist tangkhas. From scarves to delicately painted boxes to kitsch souvenirs, one will find many good quality items to buy. If you are good in bargaining you can get nice items at nominal price. This market is situated near Connaught place which is a nice place to hang out. If you are going to Tibetan Market don’t forget to eat delicious Tibetan Food that include thukpa, momos and chowmein.

Antique Items at Tibetan Market, Connaught Place

Beckoning tourists with its shimmering mirrorwork textiles, colourful shawls, brass Oms, psychedelic T-shirts, dangly earrings and trinkets galore, is this touristy belt running north of the Imperial hotel. This market is a great place to do all of your shopping at once if you’re under time constraints.

Tibetan items for Sale in Tibetan Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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