Bengali Food in Connaught Place


Bengali Food in Connaught Place, New Place
Finding a place to dine in Connaught Place is like looking for sands in a beach. Connaught Place is crowded with restaurants and cafes. Whether you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Middle Eastern, French, Italian or American cuisine, there is a restaurant for everyone in Connaught Place.

If you are visiting Delhi for the first time, don’t forget to savour delicious Indian cuisine like Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, South Indian and Rajasthani cuisine. Every Indian regional cuisine have their own speciality. Punjabi cuisine is known for its delicious butter chicken.

South Indian for Dosa, Gujarati for Masala Puri and Dal Dhokli, Rajasthani for Churma and Papad ki Sabzi and Bengali for its sweets like the Rôshogolla and dishes like the Chanar Dalna and Dhania Aloo. Every state of India has something delicious and unique to offer. Among Indian cuisine, Bengali food stands as one of the popular cuisines in India. For everyone looking for delicious Bengali dishes, Connaught Place serves as a good spot to find a restaurant.

Bengali Cuisine in Connaught Place,New Delhi

Connaught Place has many popular Bengali restaurants which serves everything from mouth-watering sweet dishes to spicy dishes. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly Bengali restaurant or an upscale Bengali restaurant, the choice is always plenty in Connaught Place.

Bengali Food Thali, Conanught Place, New Delhi

On your visit, check out the Bengali Sweet House, one of the most popular Bengali restaurants in Connaught Place. The Bengali Sweet House is located in 27-37, Bengali Market, Connaught Place, close to Modern School, Bengali Sweet House is one of the best places in the area to savour lip smacking Bengali cuisine. The restaurants serve all the popular Bengali sweets along with many of its authentic dishes. Just make sure that you have cash with you as the restaurant does not accept credit or debit card at the moment.

Bengali Sweets - Rosagulla, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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