Café Coffee Day


Café Coffee day outlet in Connaught Place is a coffee bar that attracts the young people more. Café Coffee Day is the largest cafe retail chain in India with over 700 cafes in 120 cities. The Quality of food and flavors of drinks that they offer has made it a successful eating place when it comes to quality eating place in Delhi and its vicinity. With a number of international coffees in its lineup, including the Kenyan Safari, Ethipian Quahwah and the Colombian Juan Valdez, Café The café theme has bright blue and yellow furniture and very friendly men in red as the staff. Café Coffee day is a worth to visit for that much required coffee break. The average price of food and drink here is Rs 50 approximately.

Café Coffee Day has outlets in all major and important locations in Delhi. Another aspect of getting this food chain very famous is the fact that their outlets provide easy accessibility to different section of consumers. One can locate Café Coffee day outlets at major corporate campuses, metro stations, railway station and shopping malls etc.

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