Coffee House in Connaught Place


The commercial heart and the entertainment hub of Delhi is a haven for tourists as well as locals. Connaught Place has almost everything a traveller would ask for. From historic attractions like the Jantar Mantar and world-class museums to markets and shopping centres, and from bars, café, coffee houses and restaurants to designer stores and nightclub, Connaught Place has it all. Here in Connaught Place nothing feels better than relaxing in a coffee House after a day of shopping or sightseeing. As a favourite among travellers to stay while in Delhi, Connaught Place has abundance of café for every budget. One can find everything from well-known international coffee house chains to locally run coffee house. No matter which part of Connaught Place you are staying, you will find at least one coffee house very close to your hotel.

Coffee Houses in Connaught Place, New Delhi

As one of the most happening areas in the city, in terms of shopping, sightseeing, commerce and even education, Connaught Place is flooded with coffee houses. Here you can cool off your heels after a day of shopping in Janpath, the Tibetan Market, Palika Bazaar or in the Inner and Outer Circles. Grab a cup of coffee during your break or just relax and enjoy your coffee while you soak in the vibrant lifestyle. On your next visit to Connaught Place, check out these coffee houses, you will just love hanging out in these places.

Barista Coffee House, Connaught Place, New Delhi

United Coffee House: Located in No 15E, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, United Coffee House stands as one of the most popular coffee houses in the area. Besides their coffee and light snacks, the ambiance of the coffee house is very chilled out and relaxing.

Barista Esspresso: One of the leading coffee houses in the country, Barista Esspresso coffee-house located in Connaught Place serve as a favourite among travellers as well as tourist. This coffee house is also very popular among youths. Their menu features variety of coffee along with fruit juices, ice-creams, shakes, sandwich, burgers and more.

Cafe Coffee Day: Cafe Coffee Day is another very popular coffee house chains in the country. Along with their variety of coffee, Cafe Coffee Day also offers a wide selection of other drinks such as shakes, ice teas and light snacks. Café Coffee Day also offer Wi-Fi Connection inside the café.

Indian Coffee House: One of the oldest coffee houses in the city, Indian Coffee House located in the terrace of Mohan Singh Place in Connaught Place is according to many the best coffee house in the area. Compared to other coffee houses in Connaught Place, India Coffee House settings is very much normal. The café has an indoor sitting place as well as outdoors. The café menu includes varieties of drinks from coffee to tea, juices and shakes to sandwich and more. If you are heading to this place, do try their mutton dosa, it’s simply out of this world. The best part about Indian Coffee House is its very budget friendly.

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