List of Do’s and Dont’s while Shopping in Connaught Place


With so many markets calling Connaught Place home, shopping here is quite an experience. One can find everything from top notch designer labels to one-of-a-kind art and crafts, books to cheap electronics. Though the option is plenty, yet, shoppers in Connaught Place need to be extra careful.

The number one rule while shopping in Connaught Place is bargain hard. If you are shopping in one of the designer wear stores or a well-known store, this rule does not apply. Palika Bazaar, Mohan Singh Place, Janpath, Tibetan Market and the shops in Inner Circle are some of the most popular shopping areas in Connaught Place. Shopping in Connaught Place can be quite a challenge, as there as so many shopping areas offering different items.

Shopping in Connaught Place, New Delhi

Bargaining is the main and the most important rule while shopping in Connaught Place. But if you are shopping in one of the upscale stores in inner circle or in the outer circle, you need not worry as the prices are reasonable and the shops can be trusted. But if you are planning to shop in Palika Bazaar, Janpath and Tibetan Market, these are the places to test your bargaining skill.

Bargain Shopping in Conanught Place, New Delhi

If you are planning to shop hard in Connaught Place, planning is very important. It may sound a bit lame but; Connaught Place truly is a large area to cover and if you don’t plan out, you might end up with nothing yet exhausted. If it’s just a random day exploring this colourful neighbourhood is an amazing place. For shoppers, you have to plan as according to what you are planning to shop.

Head to Palika Bazaar, if you are looking for some cheap electronic items like mp3 players, DVD players, shaving kit or cheap clothes. Palika Bazaar is a one-stop market for bargain god. Though this market is known for duping customers with overpriced products but still with some common sense, one can end up getting a great deal. Never finalize without bargaining, do check whatever you are planning for before you pay. Once you pay, make sure that you open the package and see whether it’s the product that you paid for.

Janpath Market is like any other markets in the city. Unlike Palika Bazaar, the products are more reasonably priced but bargaining is also a must here. The chances of getting ripped by a shop owner is less but watch out for your wallet and other belonging as the market is very crowded and changes of getting pick pocketed is very high. Besides, Connaught Place is also crowded by tons of street vendors who sell everything from pirated CDs to sun glasses, bags and more. Many would not encourage to shop from them but if you are willing to do some serious bargaining, you will surely end with a god bargain.

Shopping in Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi

If you are planning to stick the polished stores of the Inner Circle and Outer Circle, you may not deal with all these hassles but if you really want to capture the sight, sound and the colour of the city in one place, these markets and shopping are not to be missed.

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